Ep 12 – The Art of Teaming Up: Two-Player Mode in Points and Miles

November 08, 2023 01:09:52
Ep 12 – The Art of Teaming Up: Two-Player Mode in Points and Miles
Takeoff: A Points and Miles Podcast by 10xTravel
Ep 12 – The Art of Teaming Up: Two-Player Mode in Points and Miles

Nov 08 2023 | 01:09:52


Show Notes

Two is always better than one in the points and miles space. But how do you present the potential of ‘two-player mode’ in points and miles to a skeptical partner? 

In this episode, the 10x team members tackle the complexities of introducing points and miles to your travel partner, and the unique dynamics and potential challenges of points and miles partnerships. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned points and miles player, this episode is packed with valuable insights to help you maximize your journey. The team also shares amusing personal anecdotes that provide an entertaining glimpse into their own journeys.

The Takeoff podcast is brought to you by 10xTravel – a website and community with one simple goal: to help you travel more while spending less 10xT publishes content related to credit card rewards, personal finance, travel, and lifestyle  Host Bryce Conway launched 10xT in 2014, but has been a fan and member of the points and miles community since 2011  He is the author of “Takeoff: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing and How to Fix Your Credit: Do it Once  Do it Right  Get on with Your Life”, and his work has been featured in multiple national media outlets including Good Morning America, Money Magazine, and ABC Nightline News  Tune in to hear the 10xTravel team give you a clear path to entering the exciting world of traveling with points and miles 

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