Ep 23 - How We'd Spend 135,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

April 24, 2024 01:03:29
Ep 23 - How We'd Spend 135,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points
Takeoff: A Points and Miles Podcast by 10xTravel
Ep 23 - How We'd Spend 135,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Apr 24 2024 | 01:03:29


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In today’s episode, the 10x team tells you everything you need to know about these valuable points before breaking down how they’d each use them to book their own next-level trip. Armed with 135,000 hypothetical Chase Ultimate Rewards points, Bryce, Emily, Matt, and Travis each pitch their best trip and leave it up to you to decide who got the best value. And who knows? Listen now, find out how to cast your vote, and you might even win something yourself… 

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Chase Ultimate Rewards: Everything You Need to Know 

Which Chase Ink is Right For Your Small Business

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10xTravel Best Credit Cards 

10xTravel Award Booking Service 

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My10x: Manage Your Points and Miles  

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